Voxya – Most Affordable Option to Send Legal Notice for Consumer Complaints / Case

Have you fallen victim to fraud or faced issues with a brand or seller? You’re not alone. Daily, numerous individuals grapple with inadequate service or unresponsive businesses. However, the key lies in not accepting these wrongs but rather taking a stand against them.

Sending a legal notice could be your first step towards seeking justice. This article explores the most cost-effective means to issue a legal notice in India, empowering you to address grievances effectively.

What is Legal Notice?

A legal notice is a formal written document addressing grievances, serving as a warning to the recipient. It offers an opportunity for resolution before further legal action.

Why it is important to send legal notice to company?

 Why opt for a legal notice? Here are some major reasons:
Expressing Serious Intentions: It signals your seriousness about resolving issues, often prompting the recipient to seek resolution to avoid legal proceedings.

Clear Communication: A legal notice allows precise articulation of grievances, aided by legal counsel.

Prompt Reminder: It serves as a reminder to the receiver, urging them to address the matter promptly.

5 Steps to Send a Legal Notice

Sending a legal notice typically involves several steps:

Step 1: Engage with a Lawyer

Finding a competent lawyer is crucial. Whether online or offline, a lawyer assesses your case details and drafts the notice in English, the preferred language for clarity.

Step 2: Consultation and Case Details

During consultations, provide accurate case details—names, addresses, dates, challenges, and issues—to facilitate the drafting process and avoid complications.

Step 3: Drafting the Notice

The lawyer drafts the notice on official letterhead, including contact details for communication purposes.

Step 4: Set a Timeframe

The notice often stipulates a 15 to 30-day period for resolution or negotiation.

Step 5: Dispatch and Recordkeeping

Signed by both lawyer and client, the notice is sent via registered AD post. Keeping a copy is advisable for recordkeeping.

Voxya: Your Hassle-free Legal Solution For Consumer Complaints

Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum simplifying the legal notice process:

Expert Advocacy: Leveraging a network of experienced advocates nationwide.

Affordable Pricing: Offering a comprehensive legal notice service at just Rs. 899.

Additional Services: Online consultations, social media campaigns, and complaint filing—all at fixed prices or even free of charge.

Voxya Services in Process of Consumer Complaint Redressal

Voxya’s offerings step by step solution in the process of consumer complaint redressal:

  • Social Media Campaigns: Success-driven campaigns aiding in resolution, offered at no cost.
  • Email Complaints: An efficient avenue for lodging complaints, with a success rate of 28%.
  • Registered Post Notices: Charging Rs. 1299 for sending legal notices with a 67% success rate in resolving complaints.
  • Consumer Forum Preparation: Preparing cases for consumer forum approach at a fixed fee of Rs. 1999, inclusive of legal notice dispatch.

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Empower Yourself with Voxya

Don’t let uncertainty hinder your pursuit of justice. Voxya’s track record speaks volumes—empowering individuals against unscrupulous entities. Take action against wrongs, send a legal notice, and reclaim your rights with Voxya’s assistance.

In conclusion, Voxya stands as a beacon of hope, ensuring your grievances are heard and justice prevails!