What Should I Do if I’m Pulled Over for OVI (DUI) in Bowling Green, OH?

Being pulled over for operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), also known as driving while intoxicated (DUI), can be scary – the flashing lights and siren, the sometimes-confusing commands of the officer, testing, and booking. One of the most frightening aspects is trying to figure out how to reduce the damage an OVI can have on your life. Depending on your circumstances and how well you handle yourself during the process, an OVI could cost you thousands of dollars and even jail time.

So, what exactly should you do if you are pulled over for an OVI in Bowling Green? Here is what your Ohio criminal defense attorney wants you to know.

What to do if You are Pulled Over for OVI

Pull over in a calm manner

The moment you realize the police are pulling you over, look for a safe place to stop your vehicle right away. Allow your vehicle to come to a complete stop.

Be polite at all times.

Remember that the police are recording everything you say and do during the OVI stop – and have probably recorded your driving before you stopped. Avoid seeming rude, unreasonable or drunk. Always address the officer as “Sir,”“Ma’am,” or simply “Officer” and never become combative.

Do not admit to drinking

The officer that pulls you over will ask for your name, license, registration, and insurance details. You are required by law to supply the officer with this information.

The officer may also ask incriminating questions, such as “How much have you had to drink tonight.” The law does not require that you answer this question. In fact, it is best to remain silent. And don’t forget – the police are recording your conversation and can use any admission to drinking against you in a court of law.

It is worth noting that it is not illegal to drink and drive in Ohio, but it is illegal to drive impaired. The officer will probably not ask you follow-up questions, such as the size of the drinks and the time of your last drink, which would suggest that you were not impaired. If you do accidentally admit to drinking, be sure to explain the type and amount of alcohol you drank, the time of your last drink, and if you had anything to eat with your drink.

Step out of the vehicle, but don’t do any field sobriety tests

The police can ask you to step out of your vehicle, but they cannot force you to take a field sobriety test, which is designed to make you fail. Respectfully refuse by saying that your lawyer told you to never submit to these tests.

Do not make any statements to police, especially while you are in the police car

Many police cruisers have cameras or microphones in them. The best approach is to remain silent during the ride to the police station.

Contact your criminal defense attorney Bowling Green residents rely on as soon as possible

Your Bowling Green lawyer at Potter Law Office understands Ohio’s OVI laws, and can help you avoid many of the life-changing damages an OVI charge can cause. Our attorney can help you show if your arrest was unlawful or not reasonable, for example, or if you were not really over the legal limit.

For more information about what to do if the police pull you over for an OVI in Bowling Green, consult with Potter Law Office and criminal lawyer Findlay. We are the DUI attorney Bowling Green residents rely on for justice.